Our manicures and pedicures include gorgeous colours from our range of O.P.I infinite shine or classic lacquers.

Standard manicure

£27.50 45 mins
Complete cuticle and nail care using the Avoplex oil system, hand massage and choice of polish.

Luxury manicure

£30.50 1 hour
As above but including a full exfoliation of hands and arms and more indulgent massage, a real treat!

French Manicure

£29.00 1 hour

File and polish

£18.50 30 mins

Manicure without polish application

£17.50 30 mins


This fantastic gel polish is applied like a polish but cured in a led light, so there is no drying time what so ever! It will last longer than polish and we can remove it for you in the salon. (Gel polish will not in any way damage your nails. When looked after properly it will look beautiful and help to strengthen your nails underneath. It is extremely important that you have your gel polish removed properly by us in the salon. Picking gel off your nails will cause damage!)

Gel Manicure

£29.75 45 mins
Includes all nail and cuticle work and hand massage

Gel french

£30.25 1 hour

Gel manicure with removal

£33.75 1 1/2 hours

Gel removal only

£10.25 15 mins

Gel break manicure

£25.50 30 minutes

For clients that love a regular gel manicure, we recommend that every now and then you give your nails a ‘gel break’ to re-hydrate your nail plate. O.P.I has formulated a special manicure system for us to use in between gel, to keep your nails in tip-top condition.


£30.75 45 mins
Includes foot spa, nail and cuticle work, hard skin removal with lovely massage, followed by your choice of infinite shine or classic polish.

Luxury pedicure

£35.75 1 hour
As above, but then your lucky feet and legs will receive a wonderful exfoliation, deeply hydrating mask and luxurious massage.

French pedicure


1 hour

Gel pedicure

£34.75 (As pedicure but with gel polish)

French gel pedicure


Gel pedicure with removal


Callus peel

Amazing removal of hard skin and calluses leaving your feet incredibly soft and smooth.

Callus peel alone


Callus peel with pedicure


Callus peel with gel pedicure