Infra red sauna 1/2 hour £15.50

Fantastic for deep relaxation, effective treatment of cellulite and poor circulation. Flushes toxins out of your body whilst giving you healthy, glowing skin. Can be used alone but amazing to have before massage!

Aroma spa 1 hour £52.50

Experience the complete escapism of these luxurious aromatherapy body treatments, where your specific body concerns will be dealt with using Decleor’s amazing body products and masks, whilst cocooned in a heated blanket!

Aroma Blend. 1 hour £60.50

A tailor made body shaping ritual for lasting skin transformation. A completely new approach to massage and body sculpting. This highly effective massage is completely bespoke to you and your refining and firming needs. Your therapist will blend a fusion of essential oils and plant oils to focus on what you would like to achieve and how you would like to feel. Your body will feel re charged and your emotions balanced.

Back, neck and shoulder massage 1/2 hour £29.00

Full body massage 1 hour £42.00

Using Decleor’s wonderful massage balms we will spend an hour relaxing you and your muscles, freeing you of tension and stress.

Lava Shells – The UK’s hottest massage

This revolutionary and unique massage uses naturally self warming Tiger clam shells that are expertly glided over the body with varying pressures and techniques, enabling the therapist to reach the deepest aches and pains, alleviating all stress and tension. Gorgeous exotic oils are used to nourish the skin as the warming energy of the shells revitalise and rebalance body and mind.

When used in a special massage technique on the stomach this powerful treatment works as a natural version of the colonic cleanse. The combination of soothing heat and gentle massage stimulates the body’s natural systems to effectively eliminate toxins and reduce bloating.

60 minutes full body treatment £62.00
60 minutes full body with tummy treatment £67.00 90 minutes full body with tummy treatment £74.50
30 minutes back, neck and shoulder treatment £45.50  15 minute tummy treatment £35.50

Hot stone massage

Using warm volcanic basalt stones this massage will give you a great feeling of deep relaxation and well being.
Full body treatment 1 1/2 hours £65.50
Back, neck and shoulder massage 1⁄2 hour £40.50

Body polish £31.00

A full body exfoliation using our exquisite 1000 grain scrub, followed by the iconic Decleor moisturising and firming body lotion to leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth.

Back cleanse 30 minutes £30.00

For that hard to reach area, this treatment consists of a deep cleanse, exfoliation and mask to leave your back clear, clean and feeling great!

Tranquillity scalp treatment 30 minutes £34.00

Our beautiful aromatherapy scalp oil is used in this wonderful acupressure head massage. This powerful oil strengthens hair fibres, restores bounce and shine all whilst inducing a deep sense of relaxation melting away stress.

Indian head massage 45 minutes £34.00

The head, neck and shoulders are all energy centers where tension is most likely to accumulate. Using a ancient form of rhythmical massage and pressures, this amazing massage will relieve eye strain, headaches and muscle tension to name just a few benefits!

Reflexology 45 minutes £30.50

Reflexology has been used for centuries as a natural, drug free way of balancing the vital organs, stimulating the excretory and circulatory system and alleviating muscle tension, essentially helping to rid the body of toxins promoting good health.

Aromology 1 hour £50.50

A wonderful fusion of reflexology and massage leaving you totally relaxed in body and mind.

Hopi ear candles with scalp massage £30.50

This soothing and relaxing treatment will help to alleviate any sinus pressure, ear wax build up, headaches, tinnitus and stress. The scalp massage which follows further aids in the efficiency of the treatment whilst being deeply relaxing.

COVID-19: Reopening for treatments 16th July 2020
(reception open 13th July)

In order to protect our lovely team and clients we are putting the following procedures in place for your visit:

Thank you so much for your co-operation at this time!
Holly and team xx